Resolve Training

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Resolve University provides comprehensive user training and performance support solutions for your Resolve application solutions. We focus on the skills and knowledge your people will need to perform their jobs using Resolve. Our training is based on achieving immediate results as well as consolidating skills transfer and building sustainable performance improvements.


Resolve is committed to maximising your technology investment by effectively leveraging and enhancing the Resolve suite of products and solutions. Our comprehensive learning services are designed to meet the needs of all of the various roles within the organisation. Whether you are a business user, a technical expert or solution support, our goal is to help you to develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision it takes to meet your most demanding business challenges.

Our philosophy is to encourage customers to become fully self-sufficient in their operation of Resolve. Once the system has been configured and implemented, we believe that customers should be given the opportunity to acquire real ownership of their system. If desired, we will help them become as proficient at configuring Resolve as we are.


The Resolve system is very intuitive and easy to understand for first time users. We provide basic End User Training to new customers immediately prior to the system's go-live date. This approach ensures that users are trained on a test system that is as close as possible to the final application they will be using on day one.In most instances, the training only takes a couple of hours and is coupled with presentations run by the client aimed at familiarising users with the new working methods that are often being introduced into the business at the same time as the Resolve system.

Advanced End User Training is recommended one month after go-live, once users have some familiarity with their system. This advanced training focuses on the ability to create reports, modify existing reports, perform searches and modify existing search filters.


Administrator Training explores the Resolve Administrator Console, and on completion of this course the user will be familiar with the Administrator functions delivered through the Console application. Basic administration, environment setup, and the creation and maintenance of drop down list values, mail merges, templates, procedures and are all covered. Security profile development and management are also dealt with. On completion of this course, the user should be capable of administering an installed Resolve system.


For the more advanced Resolve Users, and organisations wanting to become more self-sufficient, Configurator Training provides the in-depth knowledge required to maintain and modify their own Resolve implementations.

Configurator Training will give the user an understanding of the components that make up the Resolve application architecture.Screen design, macro creation, data components, relationships and audit capabilities are all covered. Upon completion, users should be fully proficient in the skills required to modify existing Resolve configurations and develop new Resolve configurations.


Train-the-Trainer Training is intended for trainers who will be responsible for training internal staff, from basic end users through to skilled configurators. This course delves into the very internals of Resolve and equips the trainers with sufficient capability to deliver Resolve training at the level of each of the above courses.