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With the huge increases in internet usage over the past several years, providing easy online access for your customers to communicate with you is essential, and connecting that data with Resolve can be simplified with Resolve OpenForms. Resolve OpenForms provides you with a robust platform for the capture of data via the web, improving efficiency, eliminating double handling, and providing enhanced customer interaction.

Configurable to meet your information gathering requirements, Resolve OpenForms provides a standard way for your web forms to integrate with your Resolve system. Resolve OpenForms captures data from your web forms including customer, contact or complainant details, summary information, and supporting documentation.

Information submitted through Resolve OpenForms gets automatically populated into Resolve, cutting down the tedious manual entry of Cases, removing errors created through double handling of information, and improving staff productivity. OpenForms also allows for data verification checks, ensuring the data gathered is valid, thus limiting erroneous information.

With internet usage rapidly growing, Resolve OpenForms will correlate to significant time savings for your organisation.

Resolve OpenForms allows existing data-capture forms to be integrated with Resolve using standard web-based communication protocols. Resolve OpenForms integrates your online forms, whether they be applications, complaints, requests for information, enquiries, or feedback, directly into your Resolve system.



  • Cost effective implementation due to a standard approach to web integration
  • Increase staff productivity with reduced time spent on Case entry
  • Reduce staff costs through the automation of manual tasks
  • Eliminate the double handling of data
  • Limit the collection of erroneous data
  • Streamline Case processing
  • Increase customer loyalty from improved communication and service
  • Increase accessibility to your product or service


  • Integration with your new/existing web forms
  • Rapid deployment
  • Integration using standard web-based communication protocols
  • Data verification
  • Automatic data population from web forms to Resolve
  • Customer self-service via Case follow up and interaction


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