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We believe that a Resolve client should be able to choose a Document Management solution that best suits their individual requirements. Resolve currently incorporates a standard in-built Document Management System which for many clients is adequate. There are however numerous, purpose-built, Electronic Document & Records Management Systems (EDRMS) suppliers in the market offering more sophisticated solutions for the scanning, filing, retrieving and viewing of your documentation. For this reason, Resolve has designed a standard interface for accessing these EDRMS applications – Resolve OpenDocs.

Resolve OpenDocs is a standard interface between Resolve and your organisation’s EDRMS, allowing you to efficiently store data and documents created within (or attached to) Resolve directly into your EDRMS. By interfacing to your EDRMS, your existing policies on document storage, security, standards and retention can all be enforced centrally while maintaining the standard easy-to-use Resolve interface your users are familiar with.

Resolve-OpenDocs-LaptopResolve OpenDocs is a highly flexible and configurable interface bringing the power of your EDRMS to Resolve. With the ability to operate using “Client to Server” or “Server to Server” communications, depending on organisational and specific EDRMS capabilities, Resolve OpenDocs provides users with a seamless link between Resolve and your enterprise EDRMS. As a result of this seamless link, little to no additional training is required when implementing Resolve OpenDocs, with the ability to hide the underlying EDRMS from the user.

By implementing Resolve OpenDocs and OpenForms together, organisations can store documents submitted via websites directly into the organisational EDRMS, eliminating double handling, saving time and ensuring consistency.


  • Store Resolve documents into existing enterprise-wide EDRMS
  • Use the EDRMS best suited to your organisational requirements
  • Use Resolve documents within other applications enterprise-wide
  • Use the power of existing EDRMS applications to search documents
  • Ensure document policies are adhered to
  • Access documents attached to Resolve Cases without needing a Resolve License


  • User-friendly seamless interface
  • Minimal user training required
  • Client-defined filing, storage structure and nomenclature
  • Interface with numerous and ever expanding list of EDRMS
  • View documents using Resolve, the EDRMS internal document viewer or the application associated with the file extension
  • Interface with Resolve OpenForms


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