Resolve Mobility

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Today’s workforce is mobile and always connected. More than ever, organisations expect to be connected to their critical business processes, key data, reports, tasks, and timely updates while on the go. With Resolve Mobility, you can ensure users and executives stay connected to your organisation’s key processes – wherever they are, whatever time it is.

Traditionally, Resolve has been deployed as a thick-client solution with full client and server installation packages. Now, Resolve Mobility provides the mechanism to access Resolve on most workstations or mobile devices, no matter where you are. No longer are your users tied to their desktop.

Based on a thin-client model, Resolve Mobility provides the full functionality of the Resolve Client, but launches through a web browser or downloadable app. This is not just a light version of Resolve delivered via HTML. This is the same fully-featured Resolve Client made available through the cloud to your fingertips.

Resolve-Mobility-Mobile-DevicesVersatility of your workforce is assured. As a multiplatform solution, Resolve Mobility runs on Windows, Apple OS X and iOS, and Android. Resolve Mobility delivers virtually the same user experience – from a PC to a Mac to a tablet to a phone – ensuring the product is easy to use, and reducing the need for training and support.

Performance is improved. Only the screen changes and user input is transmitted over the internet, with all of the data accessing and processing occurring server-side.

Management of your IT infrastructure is simplified. Resolve Mobility reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure – therefore also reducing costs. Systems management and application maintenance is made easier and updates are made simpler.
Deployment is simple. Just a few clicks by the user to install, and they are connected to Resolve. Reliance on your IT department to load and maintain software is virtually eliminated.


  • Thin-client model
  • Web browser access
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Available for small to large deployments
  • Seamless user interface display
  • Minimal network traffic generation
  • Low client hardware and support overheads
  • Active Directory integration
  • Single sign-on and two-factor authentication compatible
  • Encrypted client/server communication
  • A full end-to-end Dynamic Case Management (DCM) environment
  • Simple deployment and execution of processes


  • Accessibility. Stay connected to Resolve – anywhere, anytime.
  • Agility. Be ahead of your workload and your competitors, always, with the ability to execute your work quickly, easily and often.
  • Efficiency. Eliminate manual steps, reduce down-time, increase process speed and improve productivity.
  • Versatility. Access Resolve from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone – the choice is yours.
  • Ease of Use. A consistent user interface and rich client experience across all devices ensures the product is enjoyable and easy to use, and reduces the need for training and support.
  • Performance. Increase performance and reduce network bandwidth requirements.
  • Faster Deployment. Reduce the demand on IT resources with a quick and simple user installation.
  • Easier Upgrades. Upgrade Resolve at the server level and it is instantly available to all users.
  • Security. Ensure secure end-to-end encrypted communication between user devices and servers.


Resolve Mobility is truly multiplatform, with the ability to run on Windows, Apple OS X and iOS, and Android.



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