Resolve Email Monitoring Service

Ecosystem Enhanced Functionality


Are you being overloaded with emails each day? Processing these emails manually is a very time consuming and tedious job, threatening your efficiency and productivity. Would you like to improve this process?

With Resolve Email Monitoring Service, you are able to automatically monitor, process and consume emails in Resolve 24/7. Staff are freed from the time consuming manual processing and able to focus on value added activities within the organisation.You will have the confidence that Resolve contains all of the relevant emails that have been received – never let an email slip by unnoticed.

With the installation of the Resolve Email Watcher Server, you can monitor one or more Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for incoming emails. Emails that arrive in this folder are automatically inspected, and if found to be relevant, are forwarded to a Resolve Application Server for processing. How the email and email content is processed within Resolve is completely governed by your predefined business rules.

The possible types of usage include (but importantly, is not limited to):

  • Attaching the email to an existing Case and then notifying the Case Owner of the received email.
  • Creating a new Case and attaching the email to it. This Case can then be automatically assigned to a Case Officer or alternatively placed in an allocation queue.
  • Escalation of a Case based upon keywords within the email by routing the Case to a team leader or escalation queue.
  • Generating an automated response to the receipt of the email.
Resolve Email Monitoring Service Structure


  • Accessibility. Monitor, process, and consume emails in Resolve 24/7.
  • Agility. React and respond to emails faster and with greater confidence.
  • Efficiency. Eliminate inefficient manual handling and increase process speed.
  • Productivity. Free staff resources to focus on value added activities within your organisation.
  • Accuracy. Ensure Resolve contains all of the relevant emails that have been received.
  • Flexibility. Accept, process and consume incoming emails based upon YOUR business rules.
  • Capacity. Monitor and process a large volume of emails from multiple mailboxes at the same time.

Features & Capabilities

  • Monitor multiple mailboxes at the same time (multithreaded).
  • Filter emails with regex (regular expressions) – i.e. keywords or case number within the subject or body of the email.
  • Process emails and email content based on predefined business rules – i.e. create a new case, attach to an existing case, or escalate a case.
  • Manage emails that have been previously read or unread.
  • Manage the mailbox folder upkeep – i.e. processed emails can be automatically moved from “Inbox” to “ResolveProcessed”.