Resolve DCM Solutions


Used by over 100 customers across Australia and New Zealand – including every state and territory Ombudsman – Resolve truly is a proven solution with an excellent track record of meeting the long-term requirements of its customers.

Resolve is a highly flexible and configurable Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solution that can be used to log and manage any type of business process, from simple incidents or complaints, to complex and extensive cases and investigations.

Resolve’s DCM solutions are extremely versatile, and improve business processes in a wide variety of horizontal applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Case Management
  • Complaint and Feedback Management.
  • Issue and Incident Management
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Employee Care and Misconduct Management
  • Freedom of Information Management
  • Membership and Application Management
What is Dynamic Case Management?


Resolve ensures that you track every case interaction efficiently and accurately, creating a clear, searchable file. This dynamic solution provides a wide range of tools to help your organisation connect the dots, and bring the investigation of a case to a successful conclusion.

Resolve is a trusted, customisable application that will assist you to:Resolve- Enterprise-on-Monitor
  • Enter, prioritise and respond to cases – quickly and accurately.
  • Ensure consistency and predictability of processes with automated workflows.
  • Achieve greater visibility and collaboration with the ability to assign cases that need follow-up, issue reminders, and escalate overdue items.
  • Gain real-time insight into trends and performance using advanced dashboard and reporting functionality (tables, charts, graphs).
  • Safeguard confidential information with tailored security ensuring individual users be presented with only the information they need access to.



Processes are streamlined, with repetitive steps automated and tasks such as responding to customers, escalation procedures and reminders or milestone monitoring handled by the system. This leads to measurable improvements in case handling times and costs.


The predictable and repeatable elements in case handling can be encapsulated in standard processes, allowing for greater consistency. Reduction of errors occurs due to less manual interaction and data entry.


Searching is simple and easy to use for all users, yet provides a richly functionality to satisfy power users. This comprehensive functionality allows users to build search criteria on every field within Resolve


Frontline staff and managers get a real-time view of current cases, enabling responsiveness and the ability to acknowledge the customer immediately.


Organisations are constantly in a state of change; be it compliance, legislation, issues or simply changes in market forces. Resolve helps you adapt to these ongoing changes, with its platform providing the basis for simple re-design of existing processes. With an inbuilt Visio-based tool for designing Resolve Workflows, changes can be made by you, at any time. This means you have the capability to modify Resolve in line with changes to your business, thereby giving you full control, and the power to decide.


Insight into how many cases are being managed, the type of case, and cumulative information such as the average cost per case and time to completion. Systemic Issues and Root Cause Analysis can be applied, to delve deeper into organisational issues.


Resolve users can be defined (and restricted) by role and responsibility. Sophisticated mechanisms ensure that users gain access only to the information they need, and are shielded from information they shouldn’t see.


Resolve provides the flexibility that is required in case management to allow frontline staff to create additional case elements and ad-hoc actions to suit the customer feedback and dynamic circumstances.


Resolve’s powerful reporting tools provide timely statistics to assist management with the ever-changing business environment.


Full view of the case status and progress is available to staff, who can then easily share information or initiate discussions on particular areas of the case. Lessons learned from previous cases can be quickly and easily captured and made available to staff.

How are organisations using Resolve?


Whether you are a 3-person operation receiving a handful of enquiries each month; a government department investigating 5,000 public complaints a week; or a multi-national corporate organisation handling 800,000 customer interactions each year, Resolve has a DCM solution to meet your case complexity and budgetary needs.


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